Bruised Pansy (bruisedpansy) wrote in goregoregirls,
Bruised Pansy

See them live....

Some dates...

Gore Gore Girls
10/18 Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI w/ Scott Morgan's Powertrane
10/22 Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH w/ Paybacks
10/23 31st Pub, Pittsburgh, PA w/ Paybacks
10/24 Fire, Philadelphia, PA w/ Hentchmen and Paybacks
10/25 Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY CMJ showcase w/ Shonen Knife, Paybacks and Hentchmen
11/1 venue tba, Ventura, CA w/ the Cramps
11/2 4th & B, San Diego, CA w/ the Cramps
11/3 tba, Los Angeles, CA
11/11 tba SPAIN
11/12 Santander, SPAIN
11/13 Madrid, SPAIN
11/14 Santiago, SPAIN
11/15 Ourense, SPAIN
11/16 Cedeira, SPAIN
12/12 tba, Mexico City, Mexico
12/13 tba, Mexico City, Mexico
12/26 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI w/ Jettison Red, the Muggs and Bisou Bisou
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