Elmira in Black (elmira666) wrote in goregoregirls,
Elmira in Black

Underdogs & GGG

hi found this on the Garage66 list from Bomp! records...apparently Gore Gore Girls do an Underdogs song?

Hey Yall'
Last night I was up at the Magic Bag for the Riots, Gore Gore Girls &
Power Train Show. Anyway, Willy Wilson introduces me to Mike, the
drummer for the Underdogs. I told him I was a huge fan and he was kind of
shocked. I told him I had just produced the Hentchmen, doing the Stones
Surprise, Surprise via the Underdogs arrangement for Norton records.
Then I told him the band onstage "the Gore Gore Girls" do Get Down on
your knees. he seemed shocked. I ran upfront and told them who was in
the audience and then they proceeded to blast through Get Down On Your
Knees. He was shocked and honored, he didn't think anybody remembered
them. I told him he had legion of fans across the world. We talked about
the Hideout, production, Man In The Glass, Motown etc.
A very cool guy.

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