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GGG in LA Weekly

Gore Gore Girls make the Best of 2003 List in the LA Weekly!
from L.A. WEEKLY, Dec. 26, 2003-Jan. 1, 2004

The List 2003
You Better You Bests
by Falling James

BEST LIVE MOMENTS: Love With Arthur Lee at House of Blues; the Sex
Pistols at the Greek Theater; Le Tigre and the Clean at the Fonda; Neil Innes at
1650; Dead Moon at Spaceland; Buzzcocks at El Rey; Mission of Burma, Carla
Bozulich, Cat Power, Jackie O. Motherfucker et al. at the Queen Mary; W.A.C.O. at
the Echo; the Paybacks at Spaceland; the Preacher's Kids at the Garage;
Television & Eleni Mandell at the Fonda; the Essex Green at Spaceland; the Briefs at
Juvee; Backbiter at Rumors; Gore Gore Girls at the Thunderbird; the Hangmen,pretty much everywhere they played; Kingsize Maybe at Taix; Sally Timms & the Sadies at Spaceland; the Kills at Amoeba; Les Baton Rouge at the Silverlake

Complete Article Go To http://www.laweekly.com/ink/04/05/the-james.php
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