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Gore Gore Girls

The Invisible Bassist!

The Gore Gore Girls 7 Day tour of Spain went awry this November when bassist Melody Licious declined to join the band. Unfortunately, the G3 bassist claimed she had lost her passport the day the band was to leave and never showed up in Madrid.

The Girls' did well with temp bass lady Maria LaMore, a gorgeous Madrid native. Maria learned the G3's repertoire in only a few days and helped the band get through the tour. We are in debt to the lovely Maria!

The band offers apologies for 2 shows played sans bass. We were put in a position none could forsee and did the absolute best we could to put on a show for all the great people in Spain.

Fran -- you are a God, thank you for the posters y postres! And our host in Santiago, thanks for helping Nikki and I get back to our hotel (in spite of the pub being only 1 block away.) Jesus, we miss you and adore your many email comments. You are the Spanish Danny Muggs, and that is a compliment beyond words.

The Gore Gore Girls are working on a new record and tour for 2004 -- with bass! We wish Melody well with her other projects as she leaves the Gore Gore fold permanently.

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