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goregoregirls's Journal

Gore Gore Girls community
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Gore Gore Girls
2002 Lineup:
Cathy Carrell/drums, Amy Surdu/guitar, Melody Licious/bass
Bridging the gap between traditional R & B, Detroit R'n'R and old fashioned bump and grind come the first ladies of Detroit's garage girl-group sound: the Gore Gore Girls! Formed by Amy Surdu in 1996, the Gore Gore Girls are Detroit's answer to both the Ronettes and the MC5. The Gals of Gore deliver what other rock outfits can't: a powerful, girl-group sound that you can rock out AND dance to. Gore Gore Girl's simple, straightforward take on hip shakin' rock numbers with low-fi pop sensibility make them noteworthy and original. Influenced by equal parts Kinks, Stooges, Marvelettes and some down home dirty love, the Girls know how to deliver caustic yet sweet pop numbers in an original girl-group style.

Gore Gore Girls New Record "Up All Night" out NOW on Get Hip Records!

The time has come for all hipsters, geeks, hot babes and hodads to dance all night in worship as the Gore Gore Girls unleash their second full length album, "Up All Night"(Get Hip Records GH-1112, June 2002), on the unsuspecting world. The Girls of Gore let loose with their poppiest, most powerful, signature girl-group/girl-gang sound ever--with 13 tracks of dirty love, each one delivered right in the kisser. Hot on the heels of their knockout Jan 2000 debut, "Strange Girls", the Gore Gore Girls headed back into Jim Diamond's now legendary Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI last September to deliver the second round. Armed with nasty, loud and sweet(!) rock'n'roll numbers, Gore guitarist/songwriter Amy Surdu added more sugar to the mix with some classic girl group covers: "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" and "Standing on the Corner". Combined with their trademark originals, "Up All Night" delivers the low-fi love that Gore fans crave. There are girl groups and girl gangs--the Gore Gore Girls are both. Rock, dance and romance with three badass babes from Detroit. Stay "Up All Night" with the Gore Gore Girls!